Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Guppy & Some Black Worms

Well, today we saw the first baby guppy. I'm not intentionally trying to breed guppies, but when you put male and female guppies together, that is what they do. It was very tiny, and I haven't seen it for a while. It may have been eaten. And since it is rare for only a single guppy to be born at a time, I guess more than one baby guppy was eaten today. I'll keep my eyes open for them still though, they are very small and can hide very well. I'm going to try and keep the adult fish well fed, as maybe that will help spare the little guys. I've also added some floating water sprite plant to the tank, which should give the guppy fry a chance, even if they hide well at the bottom of the tank, they'll have a hard time getting food down there.

Along with the well fed notion, I like to feed fish a variety of food. This week I'll supplement their flake diet with black worms. At first, the guppies ignored them, but the rosy reds were gobbling them up. I took my eyes off of them for a while and when I returned, the guppies were chowing down on the black worms. I'm a little worried that I put to many in and over fed the fish. They seem to be doing OK right now. When I get my kuhli loaches, I'll add some algae wafers and sinking pellets to the menu. I'll also feed them some brine shrimp on occasion. Sure, they will live on just flake food, but they will live better with a varied diet including live food.

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