Monday, January 26, 2009

Twenty-Four: Season One

For my birthday I received the first season of the show 24 on DVD. I got interested in the show at the beginning of the fifth season, and always wanted to know what happened leading up to that point. Most TV episodes on DVD are about forty to forty-five minutes. So, it should take about eighteen hours to watch the complete season. Other than the super bowl, which doesn’t have me too excited this year, there is really nothing going on next weekend, so that would probably be a good time to start watching it. While it may be possible to watch the entire season this weekend, it will depend a lot on the kids. If they are keeping themselves occupied and out of trouble, we’ll be able to watch a lot, but if they are in need of attention, we’ll have to pause it a lot and probably not get it all watched in a weekend. Still, we will probably get most of it watched. Then on Monday night we’ll watch the current episode, and then we should be able to finish up the remaining episodes during the rest of the week. The following weekend will be out of the question as Saturday is booked with the pinewood derby race and Aaron’s birthday party, then on Sunday, Alex has faith formation and then a Scout Sunday mass in the early afternoon. No matter what, I’m looking forward to watching the season that started it all. I’ve found 24 to be a pretty good show that keeps me coming back for more.

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