Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Fish

Well, I couldn't wait, I wanted to get this aquarium started right away. The problem with starting an aquarium is that fish pee where they live but they can't really live in their pee. There needs to be bacteria in the tank to break down the ammonia, but in a new tank, there is nothing to really get bacteria started. So, in order to jump start things I put a few twelve cent rosy reds in the tank. As feeders go, they are clean, and since they were 12¢ it really doesn't matter much if they don't last long. All I need them for is their ammonia.

I still need to get a master test kit, which is pretty important when you are getting started. Right now I'm just relying on memory and experience from years ago. I planned to buy a kit when I was at Petsmart today, but the salesman just had to ask me if he could help, and I forgot all about it.

I did make the rounds to some local pet stores though, finding that one is out of business. Another, Rick's Fish was right up my alley, but his fish are a little pricey. Pricey fish are not necessarily all bad, if that price is due to overhead of healthy fish, and Rick's had the feel of a place that knew their fish. I will go back there, most likely for fish. I'll probably get other products at the chain stores like Petsmart, Today's Pet, or Wal-Mart.

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