Friday, January 30, 2009

Kuhli Loaches and some Ghost Shrimp

I’ve added five kuhli loaches to the aquarium. They are great! I stopped by the local fish store in Urbana on my way home from work to pick them up. They are very difficult to catch, and I told the guy to take his time, I’d rather wait than to see a fish get hurt in the process. He bagged them up, but included some ghost shrimp that were in the tank with the loaches. While he was ringing me up for the five loaches, I noticed that there were only four, so he went back to the tank to get another, and ended up with some more ghost shrimp in that bag too.

The kuhli loaches are doing exactly what I expected them to do, hide. But you see them every so often. Once they get used to the aquarium, I hope to see them a little more often when the lights go out. That is why I got five, as they like to be in groups. Just one kuhli loach won’t have a good reason to come out and play, so it will remain mostly hidden. The kids like them. Aidan & Alex both said they look like snakes. And they do, a little, especially to a young boy. I explain that they do look a little like snakes, but that they are really fish, and they are friendly. The boys also like the ghost shrimp.

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